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A healer is not someone that you go to 

for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself.


We will put together a suitable treatment concept for you personally from the following therapy methods:


neuromuscular body therapy

total touch pulsing

energy healing - Quantum Touch

functional nutrition

sports and relaxation

sound healing

therapy - nature

home and life organizing


If necessary, I would be happy to show you techniques for self-help, for example EFT - emotional freedom technique (a technique against stress and fear) and evacuation methods for energetically evacuating toxins.


The treatments usually takes place on site, but some appointments can also be held online.

Depending on the treatment, I can also come to your home within a max. 30 km from my locations or we will meet at an agreed location.


You can make appointments at the following addresses.



85356 Freising

Bavaria . Germany



84500 Champigny-sur-Marne

Val de Marne . France



Rue Pierre de Courtenay

89110 La Ferté-Loupière

Bourgogne . France



1486 West Graftdijk

North Holland



- Alternative practitioner

- Taping, trigger points, sports massage

   Paracelsus Heilpraktikerschule

- Quantum Touch L1

   HP Bianca Telle


- Total touch pulsing

   Academy Bianca Telle, HP

- Functional Nutrition Coach - INEX


- NBT Neuromuscular Treatment Therapy

   Marin Neuromuscular Pain Clinic


- Qualified Fitness Professional

   IST study institute

  • A license medical fitness training

  • A license personal training

  • B license sports nutrition

  • Ayurvedic nutrition and diagnostics

- Qualified sports and fitness trainer

   IST study institute

  • B license fitness trainer

  • A license medical fitness training

  • B license sports nutrition

  • A license PersonalTrainer


- Trigger Point Performance MCT

   Transatlantic Fitness

... many more will follow

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