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Healing with the hands

Healing work have accompanied me since my childhood.

Naturopathy was our medicine, meditation our religion, gemstones since ever magically attracted me, after my youth I discovered my clairvoyance and thanks to my mother, who is now a medium, spirituality was never questioned.

Over time, I learned to dose my clarity, structure and directness correctly and now I know how to really help people and animals thanks to various methods.

After completing my apprenticeship as a business assistant, I initially went through the fitness industry, during which I learned a lot about exercise, nutrition and personal development.

After many other stations and numerous seminars, training and further education, I got to know Quantum Touch in 2018 through the trainer Bianca Telle.

Today not a day goes by without Quantum Touch and I am fascinated and so grateful for the simplicity and the quick results.

As an empath, I can feel strongly during the treatments and address current topics with a matter of course and my directness.

I have already achieved some miracles, especially during remote treatments, and I look forward to more.


Quantum Touch can be wonderfully combined with my other therapies on the body and at home and thus intensify the effect.

Quantum-Touch is the classic among the healing methods with the hands.

For over 15 years it has arrived in over 50 countries around the world as a method that, through its unique combination of breathing structures, energy flows, direct guidance of life force and the inclusion of quantum packets, restores fixed structures such as vertebrae, bones, and joints that are apparently impossible to influence with light touch aligns.

Richard Gordon, the inventor of Quantum Touch, gave his teacher Bob Rasmussen a simple, amazingly fast method to achieve visible healing successes.

You can watch the spine align, balance hip heights, move skull bones, say goodbye to painful states.
Wounds heal quickly, tumors shrink after a few sessions, inflammation disappears, etc.


During the treatment we adjust your statics depending on the complaint,
Working with the joints, vertebrae, organs, body parts, on fresh and old wounds for faster wound healing, acute or chronic diseases and much more.

I also like to treat the body's energy centers, the so-called chakras.

If these are blocked and do not work properly, they can trigger complaints and possibly diseases.


The illness only arises on the subtle level, if this is not remedied it can show itself outwards and the illness breaks out.

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