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Find your perfect healthy lifestyle

Proper nutrition and the perfect balance of exercise and relaxation are part of your healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to the work in some fitness studios, whether discounter or luxury complex and the coaching of different people, I have found out what is important to me in my work with you.

I neither want to offer you a rigid sports program, you can also look for that online.

I still want to show you a solution, pursue a sport or hype, or start training with you right away. I will look at your posture beforehand and correct it if necessary. So we can train even more effectively immediately afterwards and work towards your goals.

I will support you on your way and find out together with you what will help you to live a healthier life in motion, how you can incorporate more exercise into your everyday life, maybe find a sport for you that will give you pleasure in the long term. We are all so different, I have already tested many sports myself and haven't discovered one for myself. I love the variety. But everyone sees it differently and everyone is individual. That is exactly what makes my job one that I enjoy doing.


As a sports coach, I work in an advisory capacity and take on the role of questioner, listener and interlocutor.

As far as possible, I leave you responsible for setting topics and goals during the training.


For me, it's not just about achieving your training goal, but much more about motivating and providing mental support.


After taking your posture, your everyday life and your goals into account, we will put together the sports program.

Another important point for me is the inclusion of body structure and gender-related issues, e.g. I will consider the day in the monthly cycle when training. The daily constitution is unfortunately far too often neglected to include in the training design.


In the beginning I will train together with you and show you exercises that you can use in the future alone at home in order to be able to continue training without me.

Here I attach particular importance to stretching and correct breathing.

Why is sport so important to us?


  • strengthens bones and muscles

  • lowers blood pressure

  • strengthens the defenses / the immune system

  • boosts fat and carbohydrate metabolism

  • lowers the risk of heart attack and cancer

  • improves body awareness

  • Increases well-being

  • and and and


What is at least as important, however, is exercise in everyday life!

Climbing stairs, bike instead of car, coffee talk to go, gardening, household chores, exercises while brushing your teeth, ...


Recovery should be an integral part of your training plan.

During exercise, you expose your body to stimuli, after which you allow it to rest.

With this you restore the physiological balance of your body.


This recovery after exercise is particularly important in order to become more resilient and to improve your performance.

A sports massage or kineso taping is ideal for this, especially before or after training.



Sports massage serves to avoid sports-related injuries and to accelerate regeneration and increase performance.

Sports massages are mostly used in the field of competitive sports, but not only professionals benefit from increased performance, regeneration and prevention.


The massages are mostly used as preparation before exercise and as accelerated regeneration after exercise, and they also alleviate sore muscles.

Above all, however, it serves to avoid sport-related injuries and relieve tension.


A massage in advance prepares you perfectly for the upcoming sports and intensive fitness program. Certain grip techniques have a particularly positive effect on the body and muscles. This has the advantage that the risk of inflammation and injury is significantly reduced. They also promote blood circulation and stimulate oxygen change.

Kinder Physiotherapie


Kinesiological taping, often just called Kinesio taping, was invented by Kenzo Kase in the 1970s and is no longer a foreign term.


Kinesio taping stimulates the self-healing powers and can be used in many ways, among other things for pain, restricted mobility and instabilities.


After the tape has been fixed, the skin is moved against the underlying tissue. This constant stimulus is supposed to regulate muscle tension (toning) by activating various receptors and trigger a signal transmission to the central nervous system.

The tape supports and relieves the joint, muscle or ligament, provides pain relief and improves blood flow.

It can also be used for protection by taping joints such as ankle, knee and elbow joints after injuries or osteoarthritis.

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