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Massage for body, mind and soul

Basically, we and everything around us are made up of tiny particles. Which are in different vibrations depending on the condition, whether illness or health. So we naturally have a certain vibration.

We can influence this in a number of ways. Sounds can also transmit vibrations and touch our material and subtle bodies like a massage.


Sound Healing, Sound Therapy or whatever you want to call it has been a trend in the USA for a long time and has now reached us too. The frequencies and tones of singing bowls have a very special effect. In a Sound Bath, the Sound Therapy singing bowls made of metal, crystal or glass are made to sound.


Completely different to meditation or other relaxation techniques, a state is reached in which it is even easier for us to let go and relax properly.

Sound Healing can do a lot more than just that, for example, it helps with chronic pain, sleep problems, as a stress relief or with anxiety.


During the Sound Bath session you can make yourself comfortable and concentrate only on your breath, I make the singing bowls vibrate and the frequencies can do their work.


Enjoy floating like in a bath and experience deep relaxation, let healing happen ...


My large crystal bowl plays the Venus tone - named after the Roman goddess of love - symbolizes a passionate reflection.
The sound of Venus lets the love energy flow intensely and thus promotes harmony and the sensuality of life.


I am happy to include Sound Therapy in a Total Touch Pulsing or Quantum Touch treatment.

A unique experience. Experience it for yourself!

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