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the smile of the body

Find your way back

to the original rhythm of life

replenish strength and energy

Total Touch Pulsing can deeply and gently stimulate the body's own self-healing powers, release energy blockages and relax pleasantly.

I work with targeted, rocking body movements, like rocking the child to sleep.

This also includes a high level of acceptance: Everyone can be who he / she is!

Total Touch Pulsing is a wonderfully gentle and extremely powerful body therapy.

Bianca Telle, from whom I learned Total Touch Pulsing, developed this therapy from the therapy Holistic Pulsing.
Holistic pulsing was developed more than 30 years ago by the Australian osteopath Tovi Browning based on Trager therapy and osteopathy.

With specific grips you can create pleasant relaxation, relieve the nervous system, make the body perceptible as a whole, remind organs, muscles, tendons and joints of their optimal function and dissolve divisions such as head-body or left-right.

The treatment of pain, trauma, fears and restlessness are just as much a part of the repertoire as child therapy and couples therapy.

As far as it makes sense, I combine energy techniques with Total Touch Pulsing.


The goal of each session is to send the pulse like a wave through the whole body - from the little toe to the ends of the hair, which is deeply invigorating.


This goal is achieved surprisingly quickly. Then the fine communication with the 6 billion cells and the over 80% water in us begins, which remember their basic health.

Self-healing begins!


Please wear comfortable clothing, the treatment takes place with clothes.

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