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Optimize health, lifestyle and training

As a Functional Nutrition Coach, I focus less on classic calorie counting and rolling around energy balances than I focus on individual physiological profiles and look at your lifestyle.


Individual interventions can be derived from imbalances and malfunctions in the digestive system, hormonal and detoxification systems in order to cure diseases, optimize performance and ensure long-term health.


This is about finding the cause and eliminating it, not treating the symptoms.


If the intestines are healthy, so is the human being.

Therefore, we will first look at your digestion and, if necessary, rehabilitate your intestines.

Malnutrition, stress, environmental toxins and much more. can put a strain on intestinal health and interact with other systems, such as the immune and endocrine systems.

However, repairs are recommended once a year even for healthy people!


Another step is the optimization of the hormonal system, which is of course gender-related and therefore everyone has a different goal.

In general, however, the aim is to restore the balance of the hormonal system.

Hormones such as insulin and its function on energy metabolism, cortisol as a stress hormone, steroid hormones such as progesterone, estrogen and testosterone, and the thyroid hormones are considered.


It is also important to set our detoxification systems in motion and support them.

We are exposed to a lot of environmental toxins every day, e.g. aluminum, additives in food, plastic, electromagnetic radiation and much more.

In addition, we often do not take in sufficient nutrients from food and this lack of appropriate nutrients leads to inadequate elimination processes and all sorts of symptoms such as fatigue, sleep problems or dry skin.


To repair the intestines, the endocrine system and the detoxification system, I primarily use diet and an adapted lifestyle.

Sometimes it is not possible for us to take in all minerals, vitamins and trace elements from the food and it is advisable to supplement the diet with food supplements, herbs and enzymes over a period of time.

Attention ! "A lot helps a lot" does not apply here, which is why I advise against wild supplementation.

Is functional nutrition coaching for me?



Diets, counting calories, nothing helps you to keep your weight in the long run.



You have been trying to get pregnant for a long time and it just doesn't work.



You are constantly sick and want to strengthen your immune system.



You are constantly moody, lousy and everything stresses you.



You don't sleep well, wake up constantly at night, and are dog tired during the day.



You just get stuck in your training no matter how much you train.

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